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NEAFS Blueberry Nicotine Sticks - 1 Carton (200 Sticks)

NEAFS Blueberry Nicotine Sticks - 1 Carton (200 Sticks)

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Introducing NEAFS Blueberry 1.5% Nicotine Sticks

Dive into a world of fruity delight with NEAFS Blueberry 1.5% Nicotine Sticks. Crafted to deliver the essence of ripe blueberries, these sticks offer a flavourful alternative to traditional tobacco products.

Each carton contains 10 packs, with 20 sticks in each pack, providing a generous supply of blueberry-infused satisfaction. With 1.2ml of e-liquid per pack and 0.06ml per stick, you'll experience a consistent and indulgent blueberry flavour with every puff.

Indulge guilt-free, as NEAFS Blueberry Nicotine Sticks are 100% tobacco-free. Experience the sweet and tangy taste of blueberries without any tobacco content, allowing you to enjoy your favourite flavour without the harmful effects of tobacco.

Bid farewell to ash and lingering odours – NEAFS Blueberry Nicotine Sticks leave no trace behind. Enjoy a clean and refreshing experience with every use, without the need to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

Designed for convenience, these sticks are compatible with a range of devices including the TEO Device & IQOS ILUMA, ensuring versatility in your smoking experience. Whether at home or on the go, NEAFS Blueberry Nicotine Sticks are the perfect choice for those who crave the fruity goodness of blueberries without the smoke, tobacco, or odour.

NEAFS Blueberry Carton Inside

Key Features:

Authentic Blueberry Flavour: Experience the sweet and tangy taste of ripe blueberries with every puff.

Tobacco-Free: Enjoy the indulgence of blueberry without any tobacco content, providing a healthier smoking option.

Convenient Packaging: NEAFS products are half the size of traditional packs of cigarettes, which fit conveniently into your pocket. 

No Tobacco, No Ash, No Odour: Experience a clean and refreshing smoking experience without any residue or unpleasant smells.

Minimal Cleaning Required: Hassle-free maintenance with only minimal cleaning needed, leaving you more time to enjoy your blueberry indulgence. This is due to the dry vape element rather than using tobacco. When tobacco is heated it can leave a sticky residue on the blade, which means you need to clean the device more. With the NEAFS products this is not the case, and the blade only needs to be cleaned once in a while (2-3 weeks depending on use). 

Elevate your smoking experience with NEAFS Blueberry 1.5% Nicotine Sticks – the perfect blend of flavour, convenience, and satisfaction.


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